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The Brand ‘Karyn Martin’ is known for its magnificent floor-sweeping bridal and couture gowns and ready-to-wear ensembles. It’s all about handpicked fabrics, subtle hand-work, and elegant embroidery. Focus has always been on creating a seamless finish juxtaposed with perfectly tailored clothing for women, made to fit your style and shape. The brand strongly believes in size inclusivity and sustainability. Karyn Martin, the creator of the eponymous brand, is nothing short of a magician, skilled in the art of creating illusions around your form. She accentuates your best features and elegantly creates an image nothing less than perfect.


Karyn understands what you are looking for in your Dream Dress. She weaves your ideas into reality, which is uncompromisingly perfect to match your expectations. Creating your desired gown with Karyn Martin is all about partnering with an expert, an accomplished designer whose deepest desire is to bring a smile of joy and satisfaction to your face and, of course, create an awe-inspiring look. Right from ideating, sketching to perfecting all the angles, you will be involved in every step till you are dressed in the masterpiece, ready to dazzle and charm. The wondrous journey starts with your vision and ends with Karyn’s rich expertise adorning every bit of it to create an ethereal masterpiece.


Proportion, style, and balance are the key features in designing couture ensembles. Karyn Martin’s outfits come exactly with these elements. Karyn is a visual crafter who understands fashion psyche and your expectations. She interweaves colours that compliment you with sophisticated embellishments and classy glamour that adds a subtle yet radiating elegance to your appearance. In the words of Karyn, “I want you to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in my designs. It should simply feel like a second skin to you as you experience the most significant moments of your life. That’s what inspires me to go for a timeless piece of perfection to fit you beautifully”.


In Karyn’s words, “For my sustainable wear collection, I also prefer to use handwoven sustainable fabrics and hand embroidery. I support the highly skilled artisans working in the interiors of India”. What makes each piece truly unique? The label uses khadi and handwoven fabrics produced without electricity along with other sustainable cellulose fabrics, which are sustainably farmed to limit adverse environmental impacts. Organic fabrics are used as they are less taxing on the earth. These meticulously crafted pieces display the beauty of hand embroidery techniques, which have been passed on for generations among local artisans.


Meet Karyn at her studio as she blends comfort with elegance to give you that perfect look you have always wanted. Every corner of the studio reflects Karyn’s love of aesthetics and her innate craftsmanship of exploring the best in everything. What adorns the space is understated dazzling embroideries designed uniquely, layers of delicate fabrics for refined tastes, and finely cut out patterns.

Preserve. Sustain.
Encourage Ethically-made
and Earth Friendly


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