About The Designer
Karyn Martin

A 14 year-old Karyn Martin walked the ramp for one of the top designers of India – an opportunity that was to set the course for her future. It sowed the seeds of fashion for the first time within the teen model. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the glamour and the glitz that fascinated the young evolving mind. Rather, it was the fabrics and the intricate details and every element behind the making of the show that mesmerized young Karyn.

At age 16, Karyn understood fashion but failed to find clothing that would match her style or fit her measurements. Even popular designers couldn’t understand her requirements. Her vision of a perfect dress never came true.

A few sewing lessons from a neighbour and with a lot of self-learning from the internet, Karyn found herself getting more interested in the world of fashion. At age 18 her parents got her, her first sewing machine. After which, she was crafting designs for herself and flaunting them. From 2012 to 2014 she studied at INIFD (International Institute of Fashion Design) and also completed her Masters in Business Management.

It was time to know more about international techniques and global trends. The next best destination was the fashion capital of the world, Milan. The doors to in-depth learning opened up with training at IMB (Istituto di Moda Burgo, Milan) in fashion designing, pattern making, and the study of the intricate work that goes into gown making. Nothing could curb her passion and enthusiasm and the new world of knowledge further fuelled her dreams.

Once back in India, Karyn did her internship at ‘Anita Dongre’- a renowned global design house. Starting from spec sheets and quotes, sourcing materials, reviewing samples to quality control and shipping, Karyn found herself being acquainted with every step in the production of a dress.

After her internship, she sold some of her creations online to customers in the US and Australia. Fresh and brimming with knowledge and passion, Karyn took the plunge. She finally launched her own label.

Her close-knit supportive and caring family is Karyn’s strength. Karyn’s mother is her best friend and her brother is her first fashion photographer. Karyn believes she has inherited her father’s creative genes.

As you step into Karyn’s room, you are transported into an altogether different world cut from the rest of the house. It is her creative space where you are greeted by yards of fabric in ivory white, tangerine, crimson, emerald stacked in closets. Tie and dye kits, block prints, crochet and knitting needles, sewing machine, colourful threads, a variety of colours from beads to fabric and more – all are safely shelved in various corners of her room. The experimenting never stops! Nothing less than Alice’s Wonderland, Karyn’s Wonderland is a refuge for those in love with art, craft, and fashion!

“You never know what will lead to inspiration for something new”

When Karyn is not to be found anywhere, you know where she will be! Yes, amidst fabrics sitting with a piece of mulberry silk or tulle, feeling it’s softness against her fingers, her imagination creating spectacular designs, allowing her to give shape and form with intricate detailing to that uncut piece of material.