Caring for Your Clothes

Everyone has that one item of clothing that is their ‘go-to’ for every occasion. For some it’s a pair of skinny black jeans, for others, it might be a floral maxi dress. But as time goes on, sometimes the colors fade, the seams rip, they shrink (the horror), which leads us into a period of mourning because nothing can truly replace how you felt when you wore your favorite outfit.

My Mother used to be an air stewardess in the ’80s and she amassed quite a collection of statement clothing, which I now wear almost 35 years later and you won’t even believe they are that old.

The secret to ageless clothing?? Respecting your clothes!!!!



What we have forgotten now amidst all the fast fashion is that we need to respect what we have.

  • Buy seasonless good quality pieces in colors you wear every day.
  • Just because you wore it doesn’t mean you have to wash it. I spray my favorite perfume on the clothes as well, so they are always wear ready, even if I haven’t had time to wash them.
  • Always, ALWAYS read care labels. If it says hand wash in cold water, don’t chuck it in the washing machine. The worst mistake is putting something in the dryer that really shouldn’t be in there. That’s just tragic.
  • Invest in spot stain removers and always keep them handy. I keep stain removers everywhere. Without it, 90% of my clothes would have fruit juice stains on them. These are a lifesaver.
  • Rotate your wardrobe. I know you can’t live without that classic white tee, but once that thing starts to yellow, all hope is lost.
  • Fold or hang your clothes properly. Invest in a moisture absorber for your closet.

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