Happily Ever After: How to Reuse your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is the most important garment you will wear. Your look cherished for the rest of your life and for many generations. It is also usually the most expensive, single-use garment that most women buy.

Being a wedding dress designer, the first thing I ask the women who come to me is “do you want to reuse it”? And almost every single time I get looks of utter confusion as if it is a new concept. It isn’t.

Back in the day, brides used to wear their nicest dress to be married in or even if it was flouncy and over the top, a portion of it was either used to make baptism dresses and the rest reused because how terrible would it be to let something so beautiful go to waste, right?

Here are a few ways to reuse your wedding dress:

  • Separate the top from the skirt. These tops look great on pencil skirts and under blazers.
  • Remove the tulle layers and shorten the skirt. Our tulle bridal gowns always have a satin or crepe layer underneath.
  • If it’s a mermaid or trumpet style gown, cut it right above the flared part to make a stunning midi dress.

The best way to go is Bridal separates or layered pieces as shown here.
You could use these for years to come and in so many different ways.

How have you/ would you reuse your wedding dress? We would like to hear your stories.

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